Friday, 22 February 2008

Is your Diet Killing You?

Diets! There are weight loss diets, Hypertension Diets, Diabetic Diets, Low Fat, Low Carb, High Protein etc. etc. etc.

-Did you know that there is actually one DIET that is the Optimum Diet for us ALL?
-The same Diet that the Alternative Cancer Clinic recommended to my Partner, John, before he died from Brain Cancer!
-This same Diet is Great for Losing Weight! Doesn't require special food or special food preparation!
-Even Diabetics can eat this kind of Diet!
-The food in this kind of Diet are readily available and very economical. In fact we can produce our own.
-It requires no stove to cook it on or oven to cook it in.
-It takes minutes to prepare

What kind of Diet am I talking about?

Is it the Latest and the Greatest?

Does it seem like I'm being really mysterious?

Ta DA.....Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!


I would like to introduce you to a Professional, Authoritative Person on this subject, in fact my mentor, Rodger Haeske.
This is a really neat raw food diet site with lots of inspiring articles.

This is just another one of My OPTIMUM HEALTH SOLUTIONS!

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