Monday, 15 June 2009

Alarming Facts You Need to be AWARE of

Consumers everyday are buying products with the assumption they are safe or the government would not allow them on store shelves. We are totally UNAWARE that these products we need to use every single day are full of harmful carcinogens that cause cancer.

Below is a clip from cbc market place, with Wendy Mesley the anchor woman who got cancer, even though she was following all the guidelines from the cancer society for prevention. Eating all organic food, maintaining the right weight, getting the proper amount of exercise. She followed everything to the letter and yet she had gotten cancer.

Why? She had to investigate.

So, she had her blood tested and found numerous chemicals, something like 80 different chemicals and had them traced back to their origin, which was found in the personal care products everyone uses everyday like, shampoo, lotions, deodorants, shave cream, toothpaste, mouthwash, and just about everything you can imagine is full of very potent carcinogens causing cancer, all our cleaning products that we need to clean our shower and toilets, our dish soap, hand soap, hand sterilizers, hairsprays and gels, all our laundry care products, even pharmacuiticals and cosmetics we woman plaster ourselves with daily.

This is very alarming because we are ALL at risk. These are essentials we use everyday or I would hope everyone uses on a daily basis. Chemicals are very cheap ingredients that get the job done, but at what cost?

When I found out all this, I started switching stores to safer, natural products in health food stores or the organic section of the supermarket, but with one very big problem. It cost 2 or 3 times as much. OUTCH. I also started searching for effective natural alternatives that would enable my body to heal from the motorcycle accident I was in and would adequately deal with my pain, enabling me to get off a narcotic drugs like Percocet’s, vioxx and morphine. Now you can imagine how damaging all these drugs are to your body and yet what choice did I have. The side effects were horrendous. Yet the pain level unbearable.
I never found anything that fit the bill, anything that took my pain away and healed my body at the same time, not till I found this one very amazing company that had everything I needed. I was able to address the root causes and no longer be at the mercy of damaging costly medications, doctors and drug companies.

No longer was I forced to pay 2-3 times more but saved money, on many things at least 1/2. This was too amazing to keep to myself, so that’s why I have such a passion to show people that they can do the same. Why wait till we have to address issues of cancer like I had to do with my husband who died within 4 wks of being diagnosed.

What do we owe these big corporate stores that are trying to kill us for their profits. Why not rather put money back into the pockets of the everyday consumers. Corperate Companies, not us, are protected by our government for their trade secrets and we are not so much as given a warning that these cause cancer and other severe illness. What is wrong with that picture??

We need to be proactive and protect our health because when we get sick that just feeds another big food chain, our medical system. Yes, they are a business and a big one at that.

Please take the time to see how you can easily switch to better safer products and save a ton of money, even on pharmaceuticals. I don't sell these products, so you don't have to pay retail. I show you all about this company and how you can purchase factory direct which is even better than wholesale outlets like Costco, because they still are a distribution center.

See an interesting clip from CBC Market Place warning of the dangers we bring right inside our homes (next post)

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