Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Can You really tell if you are Deathly sick inside?

Recently my partner suddenly took sick and died, within a month from brain cancer. We had no prior inkling that anything was going on. He seemed a bit tired, I thought maybe stress, as he had a forced transfer in his job requiring him to travel 31/2 hr. away, to stay all week and come home only on week-ends. Not able to find any suitable housing caused us to be apart all week, well into our second year. I suggested he take a leave of absence from his job, but being so back logged for his services, and no family doctor to write the order, he declined.

We had no idea he was sick in ANY way. In Fact, even when they made the diagnosis it was Cancer we were very optimistic, as I did research day and night for alternatives to help him heal.
I found a number of natural treatments to reverse this deadly disease, but unfortunately due to cost and limited time was unable to implement any for very long. I needed something that would work ASAP!

We had already allowed the biopsy, major mistake, so I read after the fact, and they were right. The Cancer spread like wild fire, even though the oncologist assured us of very little danger of that.

Let me share one of many articles I came across:
Meet one M.D. who says you can...

Without Chemo

Sure, chemotherapy is great if you want nausea, hair loss and depression...and no guarantee you'll live.

There can be EASIER, SAFER and more NATURAL ways to survive--and this M.D. is going to share them with you...

So even before the "specialists" start throwing around words like "chemo" and "radiation," and your head really begins to swim, you'll know all of your options. Treatments the medical fat cats surely don't want you to know about. But, this is one doctor who's not afraid to speak up!

Learn the facts of real health from medicine's most acclaimed MYTH-BUSTER! And let him show you how to shrug off your medical miseries IN THE NEXT 60 SECONDS.

Read below for details on how you can:

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Cancer does not have to be a
My Dear Misled Friend:

One nightmarish day, you're told you have the "Big C." As if that's not bad enough, next the "specialists" start throwing around words like "chemo" and "radiation," and your head really begins to swim. And then they start to sharpen their scalpels...

They call this science...medicine? It's absurd. Because so many truly effective tests and therapies are absolutely safe, cheap and simple. You'll be shocked by how many powerful alternatives you have--and can easily afford.

The colossal cancer treatment cover-up...

Sure, conventional medicine wants you to believe that surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are your only weapons against cancer. Maybe it's because the average cancer patient represents a $500,000 payday for the cancer treatment system! They're making money while destroying your health! For example, did you know...

FACT: 75% of the average oncologists
"take home pay" is profit from the chemo drugs
he gives to his patients...

Your oncologist is just doing his job, working with information that's been approved by our fabulously corrupt Food and Drug Administration and his overlords at the American Medical Association.

Before I go off ranting and raving about the FDA and the AMA, let me just tell you this: Cancer therapies are built on myths and lies. The hypocrisy is amazing...

Why would you settle for chemo?

Before you submit yourself to toxic tests and "therapies" that so often just increase your pain and suffering...doesn't it make sense to know all of your options? I think so. But it seems like everybody's lips are zipped. Consider this...

200 MG of selenium can help fight breast cancer from ever showing its ugly face. Selenium supplements are available in most health food and drug stores. Or, if you prefer, munch on some Brazil nuts--they're chock full of this vital nutrient.
Zinc is a powerful weapon against prostate cancer. And consider it your new best friend if you're having troubles with potency, sex drive or fertility. I'll show you the easiest ways to increase your zinc levels to help keep cancer at bay.
The #1 "drugstore" cure to improve your survival rate. It's a natural substance your body already produces to fight disease back up (so it doesn't trigger side-effects). It's also absurdly cheap, can be amazingly effective and chances are, your doctor will never prescribe it for you.
In your FREE Bonus Report, you'll see that just because natural substances can't be patented for big profit, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your health and well-being. (You can bet your doc isn't going to put his life on the line...)

FACT: In a recent survey,
64 out of 79 oncologists said they would
refuse certain chemotherapies outright!

Recently, when one of the world's largest cancer centers surveyed oncologists about how they would treat their own cancers, almost 90% said they would refuse chemotherapy!

Needless to say, when I read this study, I nearly fell out of my chair.

But I can't argue with the reasons they gave. They said that chemotherapy drugs were ineffective and have an unacceptable degree of toxicity. True enough...

"There is no scientific evidence for its ability to extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancer...Chemotherapy for malignancies too advanced for surgery, which accounts for 80% of all cancers, is a scientific wasteland."

--Dr Ulrich Abel, Stuttgart, Germany
The pathetic fact is that by shrinking tumors, chemotherapy encourages stronger cancer cells to grow and multiply, becoming chemo-resistant.

Then there are the new cancers caused by chemotherapy, or secondary cancers. Somehow they forget to mention this life-threatening detail on the list of "side effects" in a drug's accompanying literature. Hmmmm. I wonder why...

That's why I'm here. To cut through all the crap and tell you the truth. That's just what I'll do in Killing Cancer Before it Kills You, a special FREE Bonus Report I've prepared for you. And believe me, any time I tell you something, it will be minus the hype and self-interest of some other doctors you might know...


By the time I saved enough money for the machine, the alternative clinic referred me to, that regenerates the cells, it was too late.

I needed something powerful enough and inexpensive enough, that I could effectively implement right away. I needed FAST-EFFECTIVE, results.
By the time I found that very thing, that could help John the most, he was gone.

Although it is too late for John now, the world needs to know some important facts.

Facts we wish we knew about sooner............

# 1 is STEM CELLS, enable your body to heal itself of anything. I'm not talking surgical implants or embryonic stem cells, I'm talking, Adult STEM CELLS.

Did you know that your body has a built in mechanism to send aid to areas of distress and illness and the troops come in and clean up and heal the issues. But what happens is, the stem cells get stuck or trapped. We have them in abundant supply in our bone marrow.

I am taking a very unique product called Stem Enhance that will quickly allow your body to release its own stem cells from the bone marrow were they have an abundant supply and direct them to areas of need in the body, to mend, whatever the situation might be.

I have heard some amazingly FAST result!

Are you Deathly sick inside? Can you REALLY even tell?
John's only long term sign was fatigue. How many of us feel tired?

See what Stem Enhance can do for you.

I highly recommend that as one of our OPTIMUM HEALTH SOLUTIONS!

I joined a wholesale shopping club that carries what I need for joint and back injuries(as apposed to surgery)

I refuse to take the readily prescribed medication with all the body harming side effects, that neglects to address the root cause.

We all have different areas in need of healing and only our body can determine that.

So lets give it the help it needs and sit back and reap the fine healing rewards.

For a brief overview go to http:kjsolutions.Stemtechbiz.com
For more detailed info go to www.connectingfromhome.com/kjsolutions or contact me at optimumhealthsolutions4u@gmail.com

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